Four Reasons to Consider Investing in Real Assets (like franchises)


Why should you consider investing in real assets like franchises?

In short, investors who diversify with real assets, like franchises, tend to enjoy better investment performance than those who do not.

But the long answer is that real assets can provide…


1. Intrinsic value

Real assets like franchises create and retain value by being in business each and every day – meaning, the value is not derived from the market, but rather, from the productivity of the asset.

2. Passive income

Unlike most stocks, real assets like franchises generate significant income on a predictable basis that is paid out quarterly.

3. Stability in the storm

The stock market’s values can swing wildly on a whim – or even a tweet. Meanwhile, the uncorrelated, illiquid nature of real assets like franchises means they can act as a stabilizing force for the rest of your portfolio.

4. Inflation hedge

When inflation rises, so do the prices of goods and services that franchises sell, leading to higher profitability and investor distributions. A more profitable business also appreciates faster, providing both a short and long-term hedge against inflation.

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