100+ Passive Income Ideas to Improve Your Personal Finance



Starting an online business and becoming financially independent is now a realistic proposition for anyone who has a computer and internet access. Of the many different ways to go about doing this, some will provide a good return for your efforts, but unfortunately, many online businesses just do not succeed and people operating them fail to earn enough to make it worthwhile. There are many instances where someone has written an eBook and published it, or opened an online retail store, only to find there are no buyers The only way to make money anywhere is to have paying customers; the trick is how to get them. There are a few good ways to get customers or traffic to your website and this book is about successful proven strategies that you can use to build a long term passive income from the internet. Some of the things that worked a few years ago are no longer viable because the internet is always changing, growing and evolving. With 3.5 billion existing customers using the net daily and another 3 billion potential customers in Africa, India, China and the rest of Asia, the  sky is the limit for new businesses and an unlimited income source. Now is the perfect time to catch the so called “gravy train”, but you need traffic, quality content and to be prepared to do the necessary work (often quite a lot of work). But just doing the work is no guarantee of success; you have to be working in the right areas and doing the right things

Living from a “passive income” as it is called, is a term now used to describe the income people receive from the internet. It is called passive income because in theory most of the work is pre done and then you sit back and reap the benefits of your labor with little work involved. In practice, any online business will require ongoing maintenance, the amount needed depends on the site, it’s application and the product you are supplying. There are many different styles of internet businesses ranging from those that require a daily input to some that are totally automated.

Some internet businesses are realistic and practical ways to earn money on the net. Many people have written some sort of original intellectual property, such as an eBook, an online course, blog posts or similar, then set up an online store to promote their product. Whether they are made or created by the operator, or acquired from other sources, there is a considerable amount of time and energy needed to set up the site and customize it. Once all this is done and your site has gone live, you will then need to perform various marketing tasks such as promoting your site or posts and interacting with people on social media. Finding similar sites or blogs and giving quality feedback and comments is a great way to promote your own site as long as it is done in a positive way. A good blog or website has fresh quality content added on a regular basis to encourage people to keep coming back, not just preloaded with content and left to stagnate. Much of the material in a blog or website can come from someone else you hire to write the post for you, but you’re the one who has to edit them, schedule them, and oversee the whole operation. All of these things are not passive at all and the profits, if any, can be very allusive if you are not careful.

There are hundreds of get-rich schemes that pop up all the time. They usually follow the same pattern or similar rag-to riches “Cinderella Story”, where this person was on the verge of bankruptcy or committing suicide because they were so desperate. Then, because of the love of their family or their dog, they decided to give the internet just one last shot, or they stumbled across a person who, for whatever reason, gave them an instant formula to make fantastic amounts of money. Now they make a 6-figure income working less than 1 hour daily while sitting on their private beach in the middle of a private paradise that they paid for in cash after only 1 year of using this formula.

This or some similar such dribble will only make money for the person who is selling the scheme. If you want to take the time, and have the ability to create a fantasy similar to the one above, it is a reasonable way to make a passive income for a while, although you have to live with yourself knowing you are just ripping people off (usually desperate people who cannot afford it).

There is no doubt that a few people will make an easy dollar on the internet, but most people will struggle at least at the first, finding it hard to make the same as you would if you had a normal job. But if you are prepared to put in the time and energy needed it is a very good and sound way to provide a lasting long-term income.

Building a solid long-term passive income on the internet requires several things; the most important is having traffic. Traffic is the term used to describe the people coming or visiting your website. it is a simple formula: the more people who visit your site, the more money you can make; no traffic, no money, full stop. It does not matter how good or how cheap your product or service offer is, if there is no one to see it then no one will buy it. The second very important thing is having something other people want and are willing to pay you to get it. The next important thing is your credibility on the net. This, like traffic, can take some time to build up, but there are several ways to speed it up.

You can buy a mailing list off the internet with hundreds and sometimes thousands of email addresses, but these are usually of little value for several reasons. These lists are old and have been used by many people to try to sell their stuff so the response level is very low. The other reason these lists are of dubious value is because you are better to try and get quality leads of people who have expressed an interest in whatever you are offering rather than just firing emails that will end in most people’s spam or junk mail files. If it even gets past their spam blockers.

This post will explore 100 different methods to making a long term passive income. It will advise you of some of their good and bad points, advantages and drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision on the best way for you to proceed.


1. Design and create a course

2. Write and Publish an e-book

3. Affiliate programs

4. Owning Dividend stocks

Crypto Staking

Crypto Faucets

5. Lending between peers

6. Owning REITs

7. Short-term rental of your home

8. Create a blog or start a YouTube channel


Sell Your Own Photos

If you have a good camera and like taking photos, sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and Graphic Stock will accept all sorts of high-quality images and then sell them on their sites for a royalty fee. This can provide you with a good steady stream of passive income, as they all have hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. These are the sites many businesses use to easily and conveniently find the pictures they use for their websites and products. The music that you hear when the company you call is busy and you are put on hold, when listening to advertisements, or hear when watching a promotional video or something on Youtube, often come from companies who sell stock music in the same way as they sell photos and other images. If you are musically inclined, there is money to be made by recording yourself. There is a steady demand as people search for fresh original talent and you do not have to be a professional to make money at this.

For those of us who simply like photography or recording ourselves or friends playing an instrument, don’t let these images go to waste when you can easily license them through a royalty-free website that specializes in stock photos or music. Each time someone uses something you have licensed you could receive a small commission or fee that, over time, could build into a nice little income stream to add to all the other income streams you should be creating.








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Chapter 1: Creating a Passive Income from a small budget

Chapter    2:  Beginning                      with                      Different Strategies and Ideas

Chapter 3: Selling Physical Products Online

Chapter 4: Membership Sites

Chapter 5: Selling Instructional Products





Chapter 1: Creating a Passive Income From a Small Budget.

Creating a passive income on the internet is a dream for most people, but it can become a reality for anyone who has a computer and internet connection. Whether you are just starting to get interested in working on the internet and wish to find a way to have a passive income, or if you have been struggling to make an income from it, there are a few things you should consider before jumping in the deep end of the internet pool.

Some important questions you should consider to help you decide on your best approach are:

Do you have a product or service you wish to sell? This can be a product you have created whether physical or intellectual.

Do you already have some sort of presence on the internet, a website, blog or social media accounts?

Do you have a budget?

What is your internet experience?

What will you have to learn to be successful?


There are a few excellent ways to start generating a passive income without spending a lot of money, but although it is possible to run a business without spending anything, this approach would usually be a very long process and require a large amount of work. The best strategy is to establish a budget you can afford and work within that. The greater amount you have in your budget, within reason, the faster and easier it is to reach an income level that will support your lifestyle. But be aware there are many people on the net who work on the principle that it is easy to separate a fool and his money so beware!


Getting a presence on the internet can be accomplished by starting on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as using some of the lesser known local social media sites. The problem with these sites is they are now becoming so crowded that the competition is difficult to cope with and it is easy for your endeavors to get lost in the tide of information presented. A few years ago these sites worked well. Now, with over 3.5 Billion people using the internet regularly, it takes a bit of knowhow to use them effectively.


Being very selective and careful in where you place your investment dollars is the key to success. To begin, you will require a web site, which could be in the form of a standard web page or possibly a blog. There are many companies who provide platforms for you to launch and maintain your website and what you choose really depends on what you are selling, the service you are promoting and your budget.


Web hosting sites like the free Google My Sites is a good option as it has the major advantage of being free, and it is easily picked up by the Google search engines. But it comes with limitations.

Other sites like Bluehost and WordPress are my preferred options. I like these sites because they are very user friendly and have a good help service including a chat where you can talk to a company technician who can help you with any problems you may encounter. The Bluehost package, for only a few dollars a month, allows you to have a free domain name such as (I will use my name for an example) www.RichardGadson.com, so you can have your own website. With that you can create up to 10 sub-domains, or web pages, where you can promote your products or services.


If you re promoting a cookbook for example, (whether you are the author or just promoting another author’s work) your sub-domain could be OrganicCookingwithRichardGadson.com. The domain also comes with several email accounts. These are very handy and can be tailored to suit any application such as [email protected]                                                                                                                                          or [email protected]. It is always a good idea to use your name in your website. This is because there is no doubt about who the site belongs to and people will associate your name quickly with a quality product. That is assuming you only have quality products. If you use inferior products and do not give value for time and money spent then you will have a very short future on the internet.

If you have a product that you want to try, but without your name associated with it, you can still use one of your sub-domains or create a new one by just not including your name in the internet address for that page. For example, you may find a great selection of chef’s knives and make an arrangement with the manufacturer or supplier to sell them, so you can use one of your free sub-domains to do this. Another option is you may wish to create another eBook such as a dessert cookbook, and that could be on a sub- domain page of your main site, but with its own stand-alone web presence, linked or unlinked to your main site.

When you start or join Bluehost and WordPress or any of the other web hosting companies, they provide full directions on how to set up your own internet website and business, along with a load of helpful advice, so this book will not go into these physical details.

An almost totally passive internet income could be achieved by outsourcing all the necessary work and only overseeing the operation, but that still requires some input, so there is

no such thing as a totally passive income site. Having stated that, it is possible, and very reasonable, to have an extremely low maintenance income site, especially if you use and learn some of the tools and methods available from your WordPress site where it is possible to build monetization into your WordPress site and increase the earning potential of your sites with minimal effort. To make the most of these sites, you will still need to do all the general day to day sites upkeep tasks such as writing new posts, marketing, and site maintenance, but the money- making approach you take can be quite simple and require little work on your part once set up.



Chapter 2: Creating a Passive Income With a Larger Budget.

When investing in any money making enterprise, always remember that everything is relative; the amount you can expect to earn is relative to the risk involved . A low risk usually means there is a low interest rate and a high interest rate often means there is a greatly increased risk of not only earning, but of also losing your investment. The best way to determine if something can be a worthwhile passive income stream is by comparing the likely return with the current risk-free rate of return on, say, government bonds. The 10-year government bank bond yield is at about 3%, so that any venture you try should have a substantially better return than this, otherwise you are wasting your efforts since you can earn 3% doing nothing.

It should be noted that different countries’ governments set different rates. For example, in the Philippines you can get a return after tax (the government withholds the tax) of at least 7% on government bonds, and these rates are guaranteed by the Philippine government. (Some would say this is a bit risky, but they have never defaulted and are a better risk than many European countries’ governments and banks.) So I would suggest that if you will not make a return of substantially over 7% p.a. then leave it alone unless you are doing this for a hobby.

Internet Share Market Investing

Most of us have heard how some people make a vast fortune investing on the stock market, and indeed, you can make substantial financial gains investing in stocks and shares. There are some very common mistakes that first time investors have to be aware of before they try investing in stocks. If you have a few hundred dollars to spare and

just want to see what happens, that’s ok, but if you are serious about creating a nice passive income, it is a real learning curve like anything else.

Don’t just jump in headfirst, although the basics of investing are quite simple in theory, that is, buy low and sell high. Most people do not, in practice, however, know what low and high really mean. What is high to someone who is selling is usually considered low (or low enough) to the buyer in any transaction, so that different conclusions can be drawn from the same information. Because of the relative nature of the market, it is important to take the time to study what stocks or shares are doing before jumping in.

Before starting you should learn at least the basic metrics such as book value, divided yield, price earnings ratios and so forth. Understand how they are calculated, where their major weaknesses lie and where these metrics have generally been for any stock and its industry over time.

When you start out it is very helpful to use virtual money in a stock simulator or with a demo account as this can help you to understand how things work and save a substantial sum of money to start with.

When you first look at penny stocks they seem like a great idea. With as little as $100, you can get a lot more shares in penny stocks than you could if buying a blue chip stock that could cost $50 or more (some much more) for a share. Penny stock gives a good profit if it goes up by a dollar. But, unfortunately, what penny stocks offer in their profitability has to be measured against the volatility they have. They are called penny stocks for a reason; usually they are low quality companies that, more often than not, will not work out as a profitable deal, losing 50 cents on a penny stock could mean a 100% loss. Losing 50 cents on a $50 deal is not so bad and can usually be reclaimed later, given time. Getting solid information on penny stocks can also be


difficult, making them a poor choice for an investor who is still learning as they are exceptionally vulnerable.

Overall, it is a good idea to think about stocks in percentages and not whole dollar amounts. When you first start out or until you become experienced in dealing with stocks, it is best for most people to own and deal with quality stock as a long term proposition rather than trying to make a quick buck on low-quality companies, as most returns on penny stocks are a matter of luck.

Do not be tempted to invest everything in one specific investment; usually it is not a good move. Any company, even the best ones, can have issues and see their stocks decline dramatically. This happened in the last financial crash. Especially when just starting out, it is a sound idea to buy only a handful of stocks so you are less likely to have a huge loss in the event of problems, and overall ups and downs should even out to show a reasonable profit. The lessons learned while doing this then become less costly, but still valuable.

Be very careful about borrowing to invest as nothing is ever a sure bet. If you borrow for stocks it is called leveraging your money. This magnifies both the gains and the losses on a given investment. If you have $100 to invest and decide to borrow $50 to buy $150 of a certain stock and the stock rises 10%, you make $15, or a 15% return on your capital. But, on the other hand, if the stock declines 10%, you would lose $15, or a 15% loss, but what is important to understand is that if the stock goes up by 50%, you will make a 75% return which is great, but, if the stock declines 50%, you lose all the money you borrowed and more. So until you have experience it is wise not to borrow to invest.

It is important to be aware that you could potentially lose all your investments over night, so it is vital to only use money you can afford to lose. If you start out with an initial investment and make a few gains, take a percentage from


the profits and reinvest that. Then, by slowly building up your total investment you will be in a stronger position without risking too much. Investing should be viewed as a long-term business, whether you are a trader, or a buying and holding type investor. To stay in business, you need to have some cash reserves on the side for emergencies and opportunities. This cash will not earn any return, but having all your cash in the market is a risk that even professional investors won’t take. If you do not have enough cash to invest and keep some for an emergency cash reserve, then you’re not in a position financially where investing makes sense.

Sound advice is hard to find and trying to guess the next big thing or fastest growing share price, hot tips, or working on rumors is not a sound business plan and can be full of dangers for first time investors. Remember, you are competing with professional firms that not only get information the second it becomes available, but have had years of experience and know how to properly analyze it quickly. If you’re lucky, you will win a few, but if your luck runs out you could lose everything. The best policy for beginners is to stick with investments in companies you understand and have personal experience dealing with. You should not treat investing like playing the lotto. When you are personally buying stocks in the market, you are competing against large mutual funds and professional investors that do this full-time and with far more resources and in-depth information than the average person can obtain. When you first begin investing, it is best to start small and take the risks with money you are prepared to lose, as the market can be unforgiving to any mistakes. As you become more adept at evaluating stocks, you can start making bigger investments.


Money Trading Foreign Exchange Forex Trading


Forex trading is all about the speculation on the price of one country’s currency against another. Being a Forex trader offers one of the most amazing potential lifestyles of any profession in the world, but it is also one of the riskiest. But if you are determined and disciplined, you can make it happen.

The way it works is if you think the euro is going to rise against the U.S. dollar, you can buy the EURUSD currency pair low and then (hopefully) sell it at a higher price to make a profit. If you buy the euro against the dollar (EURUSD), and the U.S. dollar strengthens, you will then be in a losing position. So it’s important to be aware of the risk involved in trading in Forex, and not only the reward. As a trader you can make a lot of money fast or lose a lot of money fast. The very important thing when dealing in the money market is to know exactly what you’re doing and always know the exact dollar amount you have at risk before entering a trade and be TOTALLY OK with losing that amount of money, because any one trade could be a loser.

Forex is the largest market in the world, with daily volumes exceeding $3 trillion per day. Anyone can open a trading account with as little as $250 at many retail brokers and begin trading the same day in most cases. Straight through order execution allows you to trade at the click of a mouse. It has an advantage over trading in shares in that there are fewer currency pairs to focus on and you can trade anywhere in the world with the only requirements being a laptop and internet connection. There is commission-free trading with many retail market-makers and overall lower transaction costs than stocks and commodities. On top of all that, traders have equal opportunity to profit in rising or falling markets.

All beginners should be aware that trading carries both the potential for reward and risk. Many people come into the markets thinking only about the reward and ignoring the risks involved and this is the fastest way to lose all of your


trading account money. If you want to get started trading in the Forex market, get on the right track and study it first. There are a few good sites on the net that offer free courses and it’s critical that you are aware of and accept the fact that you could lose on any given trade.



Chapter 3 : Beginning with Different Strategies and Ideas

Online Advertising

Online advertising is one of the simplest ways to earn money on the internet. This is especially true if you have yet to earn your first passive online income. But although it’s a simple concept, in practice it’s not necessarily easy without you doing proper research and learning the best methods to suit your individual application. To make a good income with this type of advertising, it requires a lot of traffic through your site because of the small amount gained by each click or visitor.

Some of the best ways to have online advertising on your site or blog are by using the following:



With Google AdSense you can earn passive online income from your website by showing ads that are relevant to your site and its visitors. One of the great things about AdSense is that Google does most of the hard work for you; they find the advertisers, pick the ads, track the clicks, and even deposit the earnings straight to your bank account each and every month. No wonder that 65% of the top 200 websites that show ads use AdSense.



Media.net is very similar to AdSense. It is the Yahoo! Bing Network’s answer to AdSense ads and is probably the second largest contextual advertising company in the world. They have an approval process that is a bit more extensive than Google AdSense and require a certain number of page views monthly to get an account with them, but once established they can provide an income stream that is very similar to AdSense.



Chitika is similar to AdSense and Media.net; they are one of the popular alternative ad networks to AdSense and have a low minimum payout threshold. Especially if you have a blog with less traffic, Chitika is a premium ad network which will show quality relevant ads. If you have a high-quality blog, you can expect a great income from Chitika.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate internet marketing has been around almost as long as the internet and this is one of the best and easiest ways to earn some totally passive income. Affiliate marketing is fairly simple. You earn money online by promoting the products or services of another company for a commission that is paid on each sale you make.

The normal approach is to partner up with affiliate programs and almost all major internet businesses and companies have affiliate marketing programs. Once you join and get their affiliate links, you can start promoting them everywhere, on all your web activities

In order to build a steady and increasing long term consistent income stream from affiliate marketing, you need to have traffic and to be promoting products that give people good value. To entice people to buy those products, you need to have a webpage that attracts a large amount of people and build a trusting relationship with your audience.


Build your own email subscriber list from people who visit your website using a service like AWeber to capture emails and respond to queries. You will then be able to create a list of people that trust you and want to hear about what you have to say and they will then be more inclined to except your affiliate product recommendations.



Usually it is best to limit the types of products to those that are closely associated with the theme or topic of your website or blog, because if you have too many adverts people will soon become annoyed or distracted and switch off, much the same way we do when the ads come on out

  1. Some of the good affiliate broker services are G oogle

 Adsense , Amazon Associates , ClickBank , Commission Junction, Flex Offers, etc. They all have thousands of different products in all types of ideas and niches, so you will be sure to find some quality products to choose from.


Email Marketing

To be successful with email marketing it is very necessary not to be seen as a scammer or to be swamping people with irrelevant junk mail. You will be sure to lose people quickly from your mailing list if you do. If done correctly and tastefully though, this can be a very successful method of marketing because you are sending to people who know you and are receptive to you and your niche, thereby increasing the chances of more purchases.


Niche Websites

Niche websites are a sound and successful way to make a good income if you have a specialty product or service. They can be dedicated to one subject or a part of a subject and they then become of interest to a select number of people, but people who are more likely to purchase because they are interested in the subject of your website. These types of websites or niche websites are much easier to advertise and are better for being picked up by search engines, delivering you directly to the right customers.

Another way to make money from niche sites is to sell them by auction at websites like Flippa. There is no reason not to have a whole portfolio of niche sites; these could be of related subjects or totally different independent standalone


subjects, all contributing to your passive income. When you look at most successful internet entrepreneurs, they own or develop multiple websites because with each site it increases the potential you have for making more and more earnings.


Writing Free-Lance

People who are good at writing or who enjoy writing articles, blogs, and short fictional stories or just like writing in general about almost any topic can often find there is a market for readymade, good quality content that they may be able to sell on sites like Upwork, eLance or Freelancer. Some popular sites like eHow, About.com, and Yahoo are looking for writers and by selling or even just contributing regularly to these sites it can help build up your reputation. This, in turn. will help you to negotiate for better and better rates as well as being able to compete for some of the higher paying freelance jobs. Many of these will pay $50 per hour or more. But if doing this type of work, it is vital to keep in contact with the people you contract for as they like to know what’s going on and not to be kept in the dark because they often have deadlines to meet. This is especially important if you have a long term contract or a longer term project. By sending them regular updates you will build people’s confidence in your abilities and asking questions insures you have a good understanding of the work required.

If you ever have a job and are finding it hard to deliver the promised work or to finish your contract, contact the people you are working for as soon as possible and let them know. Business is business and common courtesy goes a long way. People need to be sure you can be relied on or they will not employ you again and can very easily destroy your reputation, so don’t ever do anything that is going to hurt your reputation.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Those people who have a working knowledge about or anyone who takes the time to learn about SEO, which is how search engines or websites work, would find there is a huge demand for different types of articles that are written in a style that optimizes search engine words such as keywords, keyword synonyms, title tags, headers, bullets, etc.


Promoting Clickbank products


Clickbank is now probably the biggest digital products marketplace online. One of the measurers it uses is called ‘gravity’ to represent how well a product sells, based on how many sales have been made and how recent these sales were. Clickbank has an affiliate program where you can find a huge range of products. Once you join up you can promote any of your own or other people’s products, as well as find people who will promote your products, so you can potentially get a huge following for your site.


Promoting Amazon Products

The Amazon affiliate program is a really good way to promote physical products, either your own or other people’s, through a reliable, trustworthy, and well-known online store. Their commissions are fairly small, but because everyone knows Amazon they have a huge amount of traffic. You can earn a commission when you send someone to Amazon if they buy anything else on Amazon within 24 hours, whether they end up buying the product you promoted or not. So, for example, if you promoted a book and the person you sent to Amazon ended up buying something else you will get the commission for both. This can add up to a nice extra bonus.


Promoting Commission Junction Products


Commission Junction is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks on the internet today. Most of their merchants are well established which can be an advantage if you’re looking to promote bigger brands. They offer several options including pay per sale offers, pay per lead offers and other types of offers.


Promoting DigiResults Products

Online business and internet marketing products are the main things DigiResults focus on, but they also have other products ranging from health and fitness to travel. Vendors and affiliates get paid at the point of sale, and not a month or two later like most affiliate marketplaces, which makes them more attractive.


Simple Virtual Assistant Jobs

Although this is not strictly passive income as you have to put in a small amount of effort, these things are good because you get paid for doing (very) simple tasks online.



This is a great way to get rewarded for purchasing or using products you plan to buy anyway. Cashback sites pay you when you click through them, go to retailers, and spend. There are well over 2,000 stores that offer cashbacks including Walmart, Target, Sears, Calvin Klein, and others. You can also get a $10 gift card after your first $25 worth of purchases. Sign up is free.


Taking Surveys

There are many free survey websites offering users the ability to get paid for taking surveys online. These sites should all be free and if you encounter a survey site where sign up is not free, simply avoid it. There are many good sites. Take a look at Global TestMarket, Mobrog or Toluna Survey Center. You will never get rich taking surveys, but it


is an interesting way to spend a few idle minutes and pay for that odd coffee.


Answering Questions

There are so many people asking questions on line and if you’re an expert in your field, you can generate income by answering these questions. JustAnswer.com is a company that allows you to join their team of experts and serve a customer base of more than 20 million people. Fightfox.com is a place for travel experts so check them out. They have great reviews and positive commentary pretty much everywhere.


Writing Reviews

There are many companies that will pay you for writing reviews of their products and services, especially if you have a well-established blog or other online presence that is in the same or a similar field.


Target Your Own Advertisers

There is no reason why you cannot target advertisers directly who have or are advertising products relevant to your content and offer them deals or an arrangement to sell your products and you to sell theirs.


Selling eBooks

If done the right way, selling eBooks can be quite a good passive income stream. Once you have published your book and it is there permanently, it will just keep on selling a few copies (or if you’re lucky, lots of copies) for years to come. Because there are millions of books out there, it is often hard to break into this market and it does take time to write a good book and usually it will take a while for it to start selling and provide you with an income, but if you’ve got a lot of knowledge about a particular topic and love to write,


the new technology makes it really easy for anyone to write, edit, and self-publish your own eBook for free. With little trouble you can make a very good income with eBooks. These can sell for as little as $0.99, all the way up to +$100, depending on the content and the demand for books of your chosen topic.

One of the really great things about writing and self- publishing eBooks is that most of the online book stores such as Amazon, (who are by far the biggest) as well as almost all the others, will list and sell it for you with no upfront fees. You pay a commission on sales and they handle everything, including marketing sales and book distribution, then deposit the money into your account or send you a check. You are also free (as you own the book) to sell and market it in any other market place such as eBay, ClickBank, or through your own or friends’ and associates’ webpages or blogs.


Selling Your eBook on Amazon

If you are going to sell eBooks, then Amazon is the best choice because they are the biggest online eBook retailer and generate around three quarters of all eBook sales via their website. They will give you a return of 70% royalty on each book sold. The only problem is they do not disclose the email address of the purchaser so you cannot add them to your mailing list for updates and future sales .


S ell Your eBook on Your Own Website

Having your own website, and selling your own and other people’s books and products can be very lucrative. You gain the attention of your customers and the ability to add them to your mailing list so that you can invite them to come back to your site so that you can offer them some more of your products or services. This is part of building up the all- important traffic, especially this type of traffic as these people have already come to you so they are much more


likely to become repeat or regular customers; this is what’s known as quality traffic.


Online Courses

If you can write an eBook there is no reason you cannot write or create an online course. This is another very good way to leverage your time and effort by teaching something once and getting paid for it over and over again. Many people feel that an online course or lessons are more valuable than eBooks, mainly because they can offer multimedia content such as video and audio and not just text. They usually also offer support, guidance or coaching as part of your course, which adds even more value.



Chapter 3 : Selling Physical Products Online

There is no reason that anyone needs to be limited to selling digital products. Selling or reselling physical products can be very lucrative. Making a living by purchasing wholesale and reselling on the existing online market places has never been easier.



eBay is now the biggest and most well-known auction and shopping site out on the net, with every country having its own local chapter as well as the main international site. The cost varies from country to country and usually you pay a small insertion fee to list your product and a small portion of the selling price (10%) when your item sells. Often, they run special promotion deals and at the moment, the insertion fees for your first 50 listings per calendar month are free. You can also open an eBay store if you wish to sell on a regular basis. There are some very good profits to be made by buying products that are cheap and advertised poorly or with restrictions that you could purchase and re promote attractively at a good markup.



Re-Selling Other People’s Stuff on eBay

Sometimes you will find items where the people who listed them were not very careful about how they listed them, with no picture, terrible descriptions, no reserve, and other obstacles that have stopped people buying. These can become a real bargain for the smart investor. By buying these items at the right bargain price, and then advertising them properly with good photos and descriptions, it is possible to resell them at a substantial profit for almost no effort. Another good idea is to sell things on behalf of other people who, for whatever reason, do not want to sell it themselves. You just agree to take a mutually agreed upon commission.

Checking out church fairs, garage sales, antique fairs, estate sales, opportunity shops, and auction houses, you can often find all manners of stuff being sold at a bargain price. These types of things can bring good sale on eBay (or any other similar site). After just a few easy sales, you could potentially double or quadruple your money.


Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the ultimate passive income provider. It can be made to be totally automatic with your only input being to check the system and cash the checks. The term drop shipping is when you create an eStore front that offers products from certain manufacturers. The client visits your store, orders a product, or places an order with you, and someone else (usually an assembly company in another country, often India, or somewhere in South East Asia) makes the product inexpensively and ships it directly to the customer. You don’t send the money to the manufacturer until after the client has paid you, so there is no risk involved, you never even see, handle, or do anything with the physical product other than manage the whole process (and even that can be outsourced if you really want). As a


seller, this is incredibly efficient because you don’t need to have any inventory, overhead costs, storage costs, and very little liability. So if you have a good idea for a product that could be mass-produced at an economical price, it could be original or something someone else provides, then drop shipping might be a great opportunity for you.

Once you have a product, by using the drop ship method, you can sell anywhere, as well as in your own store, using companies like eBay or Amazon, or some of the other sites that are mentioned in this chapter to reach the widest audience possible.


Take a look through Amazon at all the products available. The name brands are all there with their huge mark ups (you pay for the name, not necessarily the quality) and all the look-alike products are there as well. Many of them are poorly represented, so if your chosen product is presented properly, your SEO is in place, and you have priced it to compete, there is a lot of money to be made from the 3.5 billion people using the internet.



Craigslist does not offer the same features as eBay but it’s free and many people find that it is easier and quicker to use. You do not have to join to become a member, although this is an option if you want to be able to keep track of your posts and repost your products.



Etsy is a bit like eBay, but is focused on mostly handmade or vintage products. Perfect if you’re selling anything artsy and crafty as they have an annual turnover in excess of 2 billion dollars and so are popular.




Shopify is very simple and easy to set up. It provides options for you to build your own e-commerce store from scratch. It has an easy to use admin interface with over a hundred mobile responsive themes and loads of amazing add-on apps for all your e-commerce needs.



Weebly is a simple and affordable way to build your own website as well as an online store or blog. You can pick your own or use one of their many themes, put your site together using a handy drag-and-drop creator, download the mobile app and start blogging and selling straight away. It is also a great site to use to manage your ad and promotion campaigns, manage social media channels and craft beautiful newsletters.



This site offers you a free website including a personal domain, unique designs, great customer service, as well as being mobile and tablet optimized, SEO optimized and comes with your own free online store. It’s the perfect way to start an online passive income business on a shoe-string budget.


Selling Other Digital Products

There are many different types of digital products you can sell, in fact, anything you can think of has a potential market with 3.5 billion people on the net.


Selling Websites and Domain Names

Flippa.com is a great site for buying and selling websites and domain names and just like many things, including real estate, these can go up in value over time. Often, if you think of a great domain name and it is not taken, you can sell it. If someone wants that name it could be worth a lot and domain names sell from about $10 upwards, with some


of the more popular ones fetching several thousand. In fact, sometimes an exceptionally good domain name can be worth many thousands of dollars. Think coca-cola.com or gottahaveacoke.com. This would take a bit of time and knowhow but could produce a nice passive income over time.




Chapter 4: Membership Sites

Many websites now have an area that is protected by a membership-only portion. This is a very good idea as it means you can have free visitors that you can attract with an array of interesting and valued items and then suggest to them that they can get the full benefits of your site and save money by joining for a nominal fee.

This can be a very powerful way to generate online income and operate a service-based business. If you have your members paying a monthly or yearly fee to get access to a password-protected area where exclusive content is made available and you offer exceptional value and a broad interest base (or a specialized niche) to keep your customers happy as well as wanting to spread your business by word of mouth to others (one of the most productive methods of building an online business), you can transform an average site into a very profitable recurring income-generating business, bringing a regular flow of income from the same customer base.

One of the other benefits of a membership site is that you can start your site or launch it without it being totally complete. In fact, by only creating a small portion of your actual content, you can allow it to grow organically with content from your customers. This can be a huge benefit and you’re getting paid in advance. This gives you the advantage of having a site that has content that people really want, you get quality, real time feedback, which helps you to provide and ensure that you are creating a product or service based site that is providing contents that your customers want, and not just a site that has stuff that you think or hope they might want.

Often people will spend a lot of time, energy and money developing a fantastic site that nobody really wants and so


nobody will pay for. The secrets of internet marketing are to provide relevant information that people want in an easy to find and understand format and at a realistic affordable price, but it must be user friendly and simple. The simpler the better as people will not bother if you complicate things.


Selling Software

Selling software can be one of the most lucrative passive income streams you can try. Many people do not think of it because they do not have the experience or the technical skills such as programming, or the different types of software writing abilities, but this aspect is not important. The reason is because all of this can be done by other people who you can find on the web without much difficulty. Once you find a good program developer and have a good idea, (this is the important part), it becomes easy. If you can find a small, but very useful product or service in an area that needs to be addressed and offer a solution for what is needed, the software you develop does not have to be expensive or feature-rich to be successful. Often a small tool that solves a big need, if priced right, can be very profitable, getting back to those 3.5 billion people (plus an expected additional 3 billion over the next few years) on the net. If you can get $1 from 0.001% of those people you could be getting a return of $35,000 and If you can make that a recurring fee it becomes very profitable.


Website Services

Nowadays everyone is starting a website or webpage, whether it’s using a home desktop PC, a laptop, or a hand held device, most people are not technically savvy. In fact, most are technically challenged. When setting up a website or page there are 101 things to do, including all kinds of setting up, programming, and small tricks to know if you want things to look perfect. Most people cannot be bothered and would be willing to pay someone to do it for them.


If you have any talent at setting up websites and anything related to website creation such as SEO, post writing, creating graphics, creating website themes, programming, etc, then you could easily sell your services to people who want them. Places to find these people are Upwork, Freelancer, or some of the other virtual assistance sites. People also look on Facebook, eBay Craigslist, etc.



Chapter 5: Selling Instructional Products

At the moment, the fastest growing area on the internet, both for finding things and having an internet presence, is Instagram. It is so simple and effective it has taken over Facebook and YouTube because of the huge amount of garbage they have both now collected.

Right now the biggest Instagram users are women over 45 years old and this is no joke. It used to be teenagers on Facebook, but because of the new smart phones, these often technically challenged users have become the biggest users and also the biggest spenders with an estimated user rate of 45%, and with their relatively large spending budget, these people are usually at the stage of life when they have a little spending power and are happy to use it.

If you can write an eBook, then putting together an instructional or informational book or better still, some kind of eProduct such as a DVD series, software, app, instructional CD set, online course, podcasts, technical video or anything that would help people and solve any technical problems etc., this should not be too difficult (especially as you can outsource where needed). There is a huge readymade customer base on Instagram, (not that you should stop using all the other social media platforms as well), for this kind of product.

These products can be sold anywhere and there is no interaction (unless you want it). They often start at several hundred dollars and can be updated as needed or you can ask for an email address to send them updates so these people become part of your email base. You should be trying to add to your email at every opportunity as it is your best source of high quality traffic. High quality in the sense that they have already purchased from you so are very likely to


do so again, without too much persuasion, especially if you have provided good quality for money in the past.


Revenue Sharing

There are a lot of people who do not want to or cannot be bothered with setting up their own website and do not have a product to sell. This is where some of the revenue sharing sites can help provide you with the opportunity to earn money online without having to do all this extra stuff and take the time to learn how.

If you wish to write for pleasure or as a hobby you can also make some extra passive income by writing high-quality articles and submitting them to a variety of different locations on revenue sharing sites.



Squidoo is a writing platform that lets you create pages with rich content and then use those pages to sell products for profit and many people use it to market Amazon and eBay products, but to earn anything from ads on Squidoo, they need to incorporate a buying angle.



Hubpages is similar to Squidoo; it is a content community for writers. Members have their own sub-domain, where they post their content-rich articles (known as Hubs). As a writer for Hubpages (or Hubber), most of your earnings come from your own Google AdSense account and sites such as Kontera, as well as eBay and Amazon Affiliate programs. They use revenue splitting, which is done by alternating the code used in advertisements: Your code will be displayed 60% of the time, and HubPages’ code 40%. This site is one of the 500 most visited US sites on the Internet.



Infobarrel is a site that is smaller than Squidoo and Hubpages, but its earnings program allows you to keep a majority of the money that your articles earn often as a publisher and you are entitled to 75% of the revenue generated from the display ads on your articles. Infobarrel pays directly to writers, unlike Squidoo and Hubpages, so all you need is a PayPal account which can be an advantage if you are just starting out. InfoBarrel forums have a regular thread entitled ‘InfoBarrel Earnings Reports’, making it easy to see what other writers are earning.



interest, staking, affiliate sales, trading options, and credit card cashback
– Options premium

Basketball official
3. Rental income
4. Dividends
5. Capital Gains

Teaching Squash

2) Rental Property
3) Stocks
4) Bonds
5) P2P Lending
6) Real Estate Crowdfunding
7) Crypto Lending

reselling on eBay

musician – I play for fun and profit.

ebooks, course sales, freelance writing, affiliate income, coaching, sponsorships, brand ambassador collaborations, the occasional random side-hustle, events and grants.


Crypto interest/staking

Website – ad income, affiliate income
Stock market – growth / dividends

Amazon fba ($3000-5000/mth)
Options premiums ($1000/mth)
Dividends ($100/mth)


– fiction & non-fiction books

– Meditation teacher

– My website

– Coaching

– Courses

Adsense $

Freelance writing (90%), my pet blog (8%) and my freelancing course (2%).


Options Trading

product sales, speaking, freelance writing, affiliate income, sponsorships, ad revenue, consulting, dividends, trading


lawn care
merch by Amazon

The #1 rule for all investors:

Invest in what you understand

Index investing is a very good way to build wealth in the stock market.

Here’s all the 13 list of Income Streams Andy mentioned:
1:12 Own small business ?
1:51 Investments ?
3:15 YouTube channel ?
4:02 Second YouTube channel ?
5:31 Affiliate marketing ?
6:07 Consulting ?
7:22 Crypto Mining / Nodes ?
8:33 Crypto Interests ?
9:19 Twitch streaming ?
9:50 Flipping things ?
10:48 Freelancing & Contract work ?
11:24 Airbnb Rentals ?



Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, I hope it has given you some practical ideas on some of the different ways to go about building a passive income for yourself over the long term. By taking a hard look at your own situation and seeing if there are any areas you may be able to improve in your financial situation, you are taking the first steps to become independent.

A passive income, by definition, is where you do a certain amount of work to provide an asset that you can make a return on. Some people have real estate that they collect rentals on or buy cheap and sell at a higher profit, others invest their money in stocks or bonds and live off the proceeds. For some people that do not have the capital to make a large investment that will service a lifestyle they wish to have, they will need to use other options such as creating or writing eBooks. This can represent a large investment in time as many eBooks take months or years to write. This type of investment can pay off as the book has the potential to keep selling for many years.

Usually the people who are successful at obtaining a long term passive income do so by careful planning and spreading their resources over as large an area as is practicable as this will lessen the chances of any losses and maximize the chances of gaining a better income from your profit base. The old saying ‘don’t keep all your eggs in one basket’ is very wise. Many investors have come undone because they over invested in only one area and were unable to absorb the losses they incurred. Spending above your total capacity or not taking into account the need to service and maintain your web presence as well as taking risks that do not payoff are recipes for disaster and should be avoided. But common sense and forethought can go a long way to preventing most problems.

Do you know any other form of passive income that we should add to this lets. Let us know in the comments!



There are many different options to support yourself while studying. The amount you can earn will depend on your skills, the time you can invest and sometimes your country. But here are a few great suggestions:

  1. Online surveys: Some offer payments after completing a certain amount of surveys and sometimes you can earn vouchers and gift cards as a reward for your effort. Examples are Toluna, Swagbucks and Option Outpost. Remember to always read the terms and conditions!
  2. Get paid for your study material. This is a low effort – high reward solution. For example, StuDocu will reward you for every lecture note, summary or other kind of study resource you’ve created over the years! And if you don’t have any, by referring your friends, you can earn 1$ for every document they upload!
  3. Freelance. Freelancing is a great way of getting paid & building your portfolio. If you speak multiple languages, edit pictures, write copy or have other skills, you should try Fiver or Upwork.
  4. Become a Tutor. Granted, this one requires a fair bit of time, but say you have a two hour session with two students once a week, you could charge $10-15 for each session. That’s an extra $40-60 a month!

Dividend-Paying Stocks

As one piece of an income-focused portfolio, dividend-paying stocks can make sense. Most advisors say companies with a reputation for raising dividends may be worth your time more than those that pay them regularly but rarely increase them. Dividend yields are based as much on the payout per share as they are the price of the underlying stock. Be sure to check that a dividend yield outruns the yield on the issuer’s corporate bonds; otherwise, you may want to consider shopping in the bond department. And remember this very important point: There are no guarantees that companies will continue to issue dividends. As was evident during the recession in 2008 and 2009, some companies can reduce or suspend dividends for a short period of time, or forever.

Reverse passive income (Cash-back cards and apps)

Reverse passive income really isn’t earning money. It’s usually saving or spending strategically so you can save money. The benefit is that anyone can start doing this right away.

Examples of reverse passive income include using cash back apps and credit cards. In both cases, you do technically earn money, but you need to spend to get it. The downside to this is that there is usually a limit to what you can earn—it’s not really scalable.

Invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs)
A real estate investment trust or a REIT is a company that manages, owns, or funds income-producing real estate. This includes things like an apartment or office buildings that are rented out.

As an investor, you own a small cut of the property and therefore are entitled to receive dividends as you would as a stockholder of a publicly-traded company. There tends to be a higher upfront investment when you work with a REIT, but your payout is usually higher.

Because of the higher initial investment, not everyone can afford to earn passive income this way. But there are companies like Fundrise that let you try out eREIT investments for a smaller amount of money.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending lets borrowers avoid dealing with big financial institutions when it comes to getting a loan. Instead, they borrow money from individuals or groups of people privately.

Like borrowing from anywhere else, there is interest involved. That means that when you provide money, you’ll most likely make a return. It’s a win-win scenario because the lender gets paid for lending, and the borrower, who might not be able to (or want to) through traditional means, can borrow money.

To start peer-to-peer lending, you’ll want to find a platform that you’re comfortable with (like Bondora or Mintos) and work out how much money you’re willing to part with for your first-time loan. It’s never a bad idea to talk to your financial advisor about the best route and platform to reach your financial goals.

Sell your own products on the internet

Thousands of creators use Etsy to sell their products on the internet. From candles and clothes to digital assets, if you can create it chances are you can sell it there. Starting a home-based business and selling your own products is a great way to dip your toe into entrepreneurship.

But Etsy isn’t the only place you can do this. Self-housed stores through SquareSpace or collectives like Society6 are also great places to sell your own products.

If you want a more hands-off, passive experience, then a collective like Society6 is ideal. Here you can design your own imagery, and so long as it fits the size requirements, you can put it on anything you want, from a bath towel to a bar stool. As they use a print-on-demand method, there’s no need for you to house inventory—items will be created as they’re ordered.

Licensing Music

Music is an often overlooked asset that can be sold. It’s used in everything from film and television to YouTube videos and podcasts. Not only is it used, but it’s an incredibly important piece of the end products made by these creators.

Podcasts have theme music, television uses music to guide viewers on a journey—it’s used by a lot of people for a lot of reasons. So, if you can make original pieces of music, you can start earning passive income.

Creators use music marketplaces like AudioJungle and PremiumBeat to purchase assets from composers and are always looking for something unique to use. If audio is your game, you can create and sell the licenses for your masterpieces. Or you can build your own platform and market it to your audience.

The best part about licensing music is that you can sell multiple licences for one track. There should probably be a bit of marketing on your part (or at least SEO research), but it definitely takes on a more passive approach.

Buy an Internet Blog

If blogging sounds like your ideal entrepreneurial adventure, but you’re not so keen on starting one of your own, you can purchase one instead. Online brokers, like Blogs for Sale or Flippa, have listings for already established blogs that are packaged up and ready to go.

Why would you buy a blog instead of building one? Building a blog from scratch can be a hefty undertaking. From setting up the logistics to getting the first few people, there’s a lot to think about. But with an already established blog, you’re ahead of the game.

You can purchase a starter blog for as little as $500 or go big with something that’s already generating revenue for $10,000 or more. It’s a great opportunity if you have a little extra cash to play with and want to hit the ground running.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts have been around longer than most realize, but it wasn’t until recently that they were seen as the business assets they really are. Nowadays, you can make money podcasting by partnering with affiliate marketing companies or providing ad spots in your show.

This is one of those great passive income ideas that can scale. The more episodes you put out, the more opportunity you have to earn money, and old episodes can continue to generate money, especially if you’re using commissions or affiliates.

However, there is a hefty learning curve and time investment that you’ll need to make to get your podcast off the ground. Plus, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, so hiring help if you can afford it is a great way around that.

Create an online course

Online courses are a passive income stream that many online entrepreneurs use. It’s a great way to package up the information you know and share it with your audience for a fee.

When you create an online course, you only have to create it once. From there, you can set-it-and-forget-it. You can make a single course and sell it to thousands of people. The best part is that you can use a program like Teachable that makes this process easy.

It’s possible you might want to update your course as technology or best practices change (depending on what you’re teaching). But the bulk of the work is done upfront. Once you build it, you market it, and you might just start seeing the cash.

Self publish an ebook

You can self-publish an ebook through a marketplace like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or package it up as a PDF and sell it through your own website. Which method you choose will depend on who your audience is and what you want to get out of it.

For example, if you’re publishing a short, 30-page guide on how to create a podcast that you want to sell directly to the audience you already have, then publishing on your own site is probably the most cost-effective solution. But if you’re self-publishing a romance novel series, you might be looking to expand to a wider readership. In that case, the Amazon marketplace could open doors.

In either case, as a self-publishing author, you get to set the price, and you receive the profit from it. There is a fee for publishing on a marketplace, so you’ll definitely want to look into it when you’re deciding.

It should be noted that you can self-publish paperbacks or hardcovers too. But when it comes to cost-versus-reward, it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Rent your Apartment/House on Airbnb

Airbnb can help you turn pretty much any unused property into a vacation or long-term rental that can earn you extra income. In fact, they’ve recently added experiences as part of their offerings, which is something you could also consider.

There are always people looking to stay somewhere that’s either cheaper than or simply not a hotel when they go to a new place—especially if they’re staying for a little longer than usual. Airbnb allows you to offer them your space and get paid.

Being an Airbnb host is not completely passive. You could hire someone to do it for you and cut yourself out of the equation. Most people choose to manage their own listings. That means that you will have to take time to approve listings and occasionally attend to guests.

Rent Out a Parking Spot

In larger cities, parking is a true commodity. If you happen to own a house, condo, or even commercial property with unused parking, especially if it’s in a highly-trafficked area like a city center, renting it could be an income maker.

You can rent out a parking space to a tenant privately, or you can use an app like JustPark that can help you manage the rental. If you want to take it a step further, CurbFlip lets you rent out parking spaces for cars, bicycles, RVs, and even boats (specifically if you have a boat dock).

If your parking space is truly unused, there is no reason it can’t be making you a little extra side cash. Some parking space renters can make a few thousand dollars extra a year, letting others park in their empty space. The bigger the city and the smaller the parking options are, the better.


Test Websites

UserTesting.com: User Testing is one of the oldest user testing websites, it has been around for more than 8 years and it has more than 500.000 members and their platform is receiving 3 million visitors per month.

Payout: $10 per site


Payout: $5 per site


Payout: $10 per site


Payout: $10 per site


Payout: $5 per site


Payout: $10 per site


Payout: $10 per site


Payout: starting from $3, up to $50 per site


Payout: $1-$10 per site


Payout: varies


Payout: varies


Payout: $5 – $10


Payout: $3 per site


Payout: varies


Payout: varies


Payout: up to $50 per site


Payout: $20 per site


Payout: varies


Payout: varies


Payout: varies


Start a dropshipping store
Create a print-on-demand store
Sell digital products
Teach online courses
Become a blogger
Sell handmade goods
Run an affiliate marketing business
Sell stock photos online
Become an Instagram influencer
Buy a rental property
Invest in the stock market
Rent out your spare room
Rent out your car
Lend money to peers
Earn while shopping online
Buy and sell websites
Start a YouTube channel
Invest in REITs
Stake cryptocurrencies
Sell designs online
Invest in businesses
Rent out unused space
Sell NFTs
Create a job board
Create no-code apps
Write a digital guide
Earn royalties through inventions
Record audiobooks
Invest in vending machines
Build and sell spreadsheets


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